We are bringing Cliptomize to another level. And we are inviting you, your work and your passion with us.

In the nearest future we will introduce the features listed below to enhance the creative experience of creating Clipbooks

Along the way, we will even offer you the option to turn your passion into your living.

Ever felt like that clipbook you made is so good it should be turned into an actual photo book, cookbook or a magazine? So you can share it with your family, friends and colleagues? We think that too!

Now we are bringing to life feature that you have requested the most – option to order your clipbook to be printed out and sent directly to your location. Order in any of desired formats, covers and quantities.
Sell and Publish
We at Cliptomize believe that your ideas are worth sharing, not only between the people in our friendly community, but with the whole world. And while we are at that, why not make a hobby into a living?

Often get asked by friends to share that unique Ratatouille recipe of yours? Turn all of your gastronomical wonders into a clipbook, tell us you want to sell it and we’ll do the rest.

Have your cookbook, trade book or an album published and sold through worlds largest distribution platforms like Amazon, Ingram and of course, our own Cliptomize store. You just set the profit margin, we take care of cost calculations, production and distribution.
Have your favorite clipbook with you at all times.

With the new formats we are adding to Cliptomize you will be able to view books on all of your devices, anywhere, anytime. No need for internet connection.

Fixed-layout format will allow you to enhance your clipbooks with audio and video, keep the best quality of your pictures and is compatible with most popular e-readers.

Reflowable format is the best format if you’re sharing a story of yours, or publishing a novel.
Team Up
If you are among the many Cliptomize users who have been waiting to collaborate on a clipbook as a group, we have some very exciting news for you.

Now you will be able to work as a group on the same clipbook.

Whether it’s your school project, a product portfolio or a birthday album to a common friend – when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

All of this will be brought to life, with your help.
More surprises to come. Stay tuned.

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