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You can upload your own photos, write your own text and choose between hundreds of free backgrounds and clipart to customize your digital book. You can even add videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Use Cliptomize to create a scrapbook, cookbook, photobook or maybe a poem collection. You can also create clipbooks to promote your business, or use it for creative school projects. Keep your books private, or share them with friends and family online.
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Take a look at some of our favorites

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39 Pitt-Street

Clipped by Elizabeth Tyzacke

Mr Melville's Shop

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The Art of Noah Norrid

Clipped by Noah Norrid

My personal artwork and illustrations.

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My Poems

Clipped by Kristine Nielsen

A little collection of my poems and thoughts. Hope you like them.

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Our guide to Paris

Clipped by Christine Mize

This book is made to inspire you how to make a travelbook or travelguide.

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From a Distance

Clipped by Carolyn Good

This is a Certification of Authenticity for a painting recently sold.

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Design, Color & Decor Inspiration

Clipped by Andrea Miller

I like to play with color, designs and photos and keep them as inspiration for my future home(s)

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Our Healthy Lunch Olympics Cookbook

Clipped by Heather Pultz

A collection of a few, relatively easy to make, low cost, healthy dishes that can be made for yourself, a friend, or a whole group

Creating free, digital books and albums allows you to experiment with designs, images and text without the fear of making mistakes and ruining the page. Scale, crop and place your photos and images. Easily change font, color and size of the text. You can even add videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

If you make a mistake just hit the ‘undo’ button and give it another try. Your digital book supplies will never run out and it is absolutely free.

Clipbooks provide you with a fun and easy way to share your hobbies, stories, family photos, holiday memories and even creative school projects. Keep your books private or share them online to get feedback and comments. Your creativity is your only limit.

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